Rodolfo Reyes – Maintenance Employee of the Year 
Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel – Mechanic I
Being a 20 plus year veteran of the property, Rodolfo (Rudy) is well-liked and respected by all of his peers. Rudy is a team player that does not mind going the extra mile. His guests-come-first mentality extends far beyond the scope of his engineering responsibilities. To name a few, Rudy has done things such as walking through a flooded parking lot to retrieve a guest’s car so the guest could leave on time without being soaking wet, changing guests’ flat tires, assisting guests with carrying luggage to their rooms and recovering expensive and sentimental jewelry that had fallen down the drain. Everything Rudy does, he does with a smile! Guest satisfaction is always at the forefront of Rudy’s mind, and he takes great pride in whatever task or work assignment is given to him. On behalf of the engineering department and the entirety of the property, the hotel is so lucky to have Rudy!

Brian Gleeson – Housekeeping Employee of the Year 
Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport – General Cleaner
Brian is a key player in the day-to-day operations of the cleaning department and has taken on numerous tasks throughout his time at the Hilton O’Hare. Brian has been recognized by his “can do attitude” and, as a passionate team player, is always positive, bringing a cheery smile in his daily activities. He demonstrates exceptional dependability, consistency and discipline; he takes responsibility and pride for the quality and timeliness of his work, achieving success with little oversight. Working from the heart, he treats everyone from the guests to his fellow team members with respect. The Hilton is lucky to have Brian in our hotel community!


Keith Boehmer – Guest Services Employee of the Year
Pheasant Run Resort – Golf Shop Attendant/Security Officer
Every once in a while, an employee/artist rises above the occasion to help anyone in need. At Pheasant Run, the resort is lucky and proud to have that special person be Keith. Keith’s primary job is a Golf Course Attendant, but he also works part-time as a Security Officer. Some are lucky enough to go their entire career without a disastrous situation such as what occurred at 10:30pm on July 17, 2018. Two boys ran to the front desk to say there was another boy drowning in the pool. Keith leapt into action, immediately ran to the pool, dove in, and swam to the island where he assisted an adult chaperone in holding the boy’s head from hitting the cement and turning him to extract water. Keith started talking to the boy to calm him down when the paramedics arrived and said he must’ve been underwater for up to 5 minutes. The extraordinary thing is that Keith didn’t even hesitate. He knew the boy needed help and didn’t even realize someone else was already swimming to the boy. Keith is one of those rare people who will do whatever needs to be done to assist any type of situation, and the resort is forever grateful to have him on the Pheasant Run team!

Luz Guzman – Food & Beverage Employee of the Year – Front of the House
Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel – Banquet Server
As a full-time Banquet Server at the Renaissance Schaumburg, Luz Guzman’s dedication and optimism outshines in every event she executes. Within the last few years, the hotel has hosted the Hoffman Estates High School Special Needs Children’s Prom. This event is a simple, quiet event for children who do not interact well in large social settings and require attention from those they are familiar with. As Luz was working this event, she went the extra mile to put these children first. Luz kept track of each child as they entered and left the room and was attentive with each guest’s needs as she helped with a special dietary restriction that the hotel unaware of. One boy felt so comfortable with Luz, he told stories of his experiences in the program as he got to be the DJ for the prom. Her readiness to make this individual feel confident to be himself left a lasting impression on him – on everyone. The main contact came back and mentioned how great she was for making each child in this program feel welcomed. Luz is an asset to banquets, her team, and the property and stays humble throughout the admiration. Her team knows they can count on her and are so grateful to have her!

Tangee Williams – Food & Beverage Employee of the Year – Heart of the House
The Westin O’Hare – Cafeteria Attendant
Exuding passion and pride, Tangee William’s role as Cafeteria Attendant at The Westin O’Hare is second to none. She continually strives to deliver the best possible service to guests and associate alike and always looks for ways to make the cafeteria feel more special. She ensures that team members have the best offerings for their meals and even knows people’s like and dislikes, taking the time to customize offerings based on client feedback. Tangee can often be found sitting with the Chef, making new recommendations for items to serve based on what she sees and hears from the associates. Tangee also takes the time on “special” days to add value for the staff from hand dipping strawberries on holidays to hand rolling customized wraps. The time and attention that she spends on her projects makes everyone’s day better. Her passion and caring attitude to help individuals has affected everyone in the community. Tangee continually demonstrates the passion and love that she has for the hotel to everyone she encounters – she is a true leader and her actions prove it. The Westin is proud to have her on the team! 

Hilda Mendoza – First-Level Supervisor of the Year
Embassy Suites by Hilton Chicago North Shore Deerfield – Housekeeping Supervisor
Hilda has been with Embassy Suites for over 11 years and has always been a fantastic addition to the team! She constantly goes above and beyond for her department, always working with a smile. Recently, the hotel was without a Housekeeping Manager and she ran the department for eight full months. With masterful precision, she kept the room cleanliness scores well above benchmark the entire time. She’s made lasting relationships with guests and employees alike, always helpful and with no complaints. Hilda and the housekeeping staff get along famously and are often heard laughing in the lunchroom together like a family sitting down for dinner. The Embassy Suites community is very lucky to have Hilda on their team. She brings smiles, joy, laughs, and positive energy every day she arrives to work. Thank you, Hilda! 

Marty McCowan – Bell-Staff Employee of the Year 
The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center – Bellman 
Marty McCowan is an accomplished Bellman at The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center. He is always looking to do more than is needed and goes the extra mile to make guests’ stays more enjoyable. His true passion is making connections, and his dedication to the hospitality craft can be seen in the joy and care he takes when handling guest concerns. Last March, Marty was awarded with the Pursuit of Excellence and Safety Champion awards for his recognition of a safety hazard on a guest mobility vehicle, ultimately going out of his way to make sure the problem was solved. He is constantly recognized for his service to Westin’s guests and ensures they have a memorable stay. The Westin is delighted to have Marty on the team! 


Casley Bryers – Administrative Employee of the Year
Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel – Group Housing Coordinator
Casley Bryers began her career at the Renaissance Schaumburg in 2012 as a Restaurant Server. Currently, she holds the position of Group Housing Coordinator within the events team. Her outstanding service and hard work has greatly impacted guests’ satisfaction. Extremely detailed, she is thorough and patient when explaining the room types and reservations. She is always the first person to step up and always has a smile on her face. She is quick to offer to jump in and help across all departments without even being asked. She is a true team player and the Renaissance is blessed to have her on the team! 


Scott Mosena – Manager of the Year
Lincolnshire Marriott Resort – Executive Sous Chef
Chef Scott Mosena is the Executive Sous Chef at the Lincolnshire Marriott Resort; he’s been with the hotel for over 11 years! He’s responsible, seasoned and the go-to person in the department. He stands out from the rest in his ability to motivate and encourage the team to put out sensational food for guests. On top of his normal responsibilities as Executive Sous Chef, Chef Scott is also a beekeeper and farmer. Taking care of 14 beehives, he recently harvested 15 gallons of honey which will be used for the hotel’s craft beer. He also helps farm two acres of land - this year, he grew 400 tomato plants and over 150 pepper plants, corn, cabbage, beets and many more delicious vegetables. A great leader, always keeping the team moral high, Chef Scott is a valued and appreciated member of the Marriott community!

Ashley Hoppe – Department/Division Head of the Year
The Hyatt Lodge at McDonald’s Campus – Assistant Director of Operations
As the current Assistant Director of Operations for the Hyatt Lodge, Ashley Hoppe has made numerous contributions to the success of the hotel since her initial hire in 2016. Ashley’s care for her employees, guests and the community can be seen in her dependability and selflessness. Helping others succeed is a characteristic of a great leader – she has mentored two first-time managers into successful leaders, led the drinking and dining team at the hotel, and hosted six cooking classes for guests, each one taught by a cook. Her ability to adapt in times of change is another trait of a successful leader. Helping new team members transition into their roles and assisting various departments when they’re low on staff are just a few of her contributions. Ashley has taken on more responsibility and succeeded far beyond any other manager at the hotel. She has never remained complacent about her achievements, always working more to improve and motivate her peers to rise to the challenges. The Hyatt Lodge is blessed to have Ashley on the team and is excited to see her continue to succeed! 

Hans Ritten – Hotelier of the Year
Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel – General Manager
Hans Ritten is the General Manager at the Loews Chicago O’Hare. He starts everyday engaging with team members and guests, spreading warmth and hospitality throughout. He prides himself on ensuring he personally greets every site visit to the hotel, meets clients throughout their events, and engages guests so they can experience the humanity in their travel experience at Loews. From a hand-written note to a guest, or a personal visit to celebrate a team member, Hans’ investment in the hotel is unparalleled. When the days are tough, Hans is right beside everyone to help navigate difficult situations. When the days are great, Hans is there to celebrate and recognize team members for their efforts. He is Loews’ counsel, voice of reason, support and most importantly, a true leader. Day in and day out, Hans has a focus on charitable contributions and being a good neighbor in the community. From contributing to the efforts of the Good Neighbor committee, investing time and leadership to the Donors Choose commitments, to ensuring team members have a shared investment in giving back, Hans is always there to lead the cause. Hans is an inspiring leader, a wonderful professional guide who invests in his team, and an all-around nice person who inspires guests and peers alike. Loews applauds all that he does to make the hotel the best it can be!