Government Affairs Initiatives

Every year, there are seemingly more and more challenges that have the potential to affect the operations of IHLA member hotels. 

IHLA works in partnership with member hoteliers throughout the State who serve on IHLA's Government Affairs Committee and who serve as Regional Captains to identify and discuss political, legislative, and regulatory issues to assure that hotels can continue to operate successfully without unreasonable government interference.

IHLA is the strong and collective voice for IHLA members in advocating the industry's position on political, legislative, and regulatory issues that have the potential to impact the success of our hotel members in Illinois. 

Government affairs initiatives on behalf of and for our members include:

Examples of recent legislative & regulatory proposals that IHLA Successfully defeated, amended, or passed to Benefit IHLA Membership:


For questions about IHLA's Government Affairs Initiatives, please contact:
Brenda Jo Jacob

Director of Government Affairs | 217-522-1231