Employee Safety Device Resources

In 2019, the Illinois legislature passed legislation requiring all hotels to implement employee safety devices for employees who work alone in guest rooms and restrooms. As a result of COVID-19, the original deadline to to install and implement these systems was recently extended to March 1, 2021. As part of the Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association’s (IHLA) ongoing efforts to provide value-added benefits to our members, IHLA has produced a Safety Device Vendor Guide to help you understand the various technology options that are available to you as you begin researching who is best suited to help you become compliant by March 1, 2021. Below are suggested vendors that can assist you with your installation and make things as seamless as possible.

As you begin reaching out to potential vendors, it is important to understand that there are various technologies available to you. So, it is important that you understand the intricacies of your property and how each vendor differs from each other. To help you do this, our partners at Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) put together a guide to help you ask the right questions.

Start Here: Staff Alert Device Buyer's Guide

IHLA Vendor Guide

Employee Safety Device Seminar (Recording, replay at anytime)

IHLA Preferred Employee Safety Device Providers

Kurt Knipper

TraknProtect was specifically designed to provide hotels with enhanced safety solutions that comply with local laws & union requirements for safety buttons while automating operational processes such as: inventory tracking, room tray tracking & vendor tracking to provide hotels with a peace of mind of protecting its employees while increasing efficiency & productivity on a single intuitive platform.

United Security Services, Inc.
Bill Callaghan

United Security utilizes panic buttons for individuals who are working alone or in isolated areas. When in distress, a team member can simply press the device to alert the security staff. Once activated, the high-tech system pinpoints the location of the individual and allows for an immediate response to emergency situations.

Vince Grove

AiRISTA Flow provides an end to end panic button solution for housekeeper safety. Delivered from the cloud or on-prem, AiRISTA Flow draws from a range of technologies and tags to address the requirements of specific hotel properties. We have been providing panic button solutions for over 10 years in some of the most challenging environments.

Worker Safety in Hospitality - Power Point

Alec Massey

PwC IHLA Presentation (pdf)

PwC’s patent-pending Indoor Geolocation Platform (IGP) provides accurate indoor and outdoor location data to pinpoint the whereabouts of employees who request assistance. PwC’s IoT-powered solution runs on a dedicated network, with no in-room infrastructure or beacons, and includes analytics and reporting. Quick to deploy and affordable to operate!

React Mobile
Isaac Gutierrez


React Mobile is a global leader in providing panic button solutions for hotels. The React Mobile system allows management to deploy response resources to the exact location of an emergency within seconds of an alert, getting help to where they need it fast. In an emergency, quick response times are essential.


David Veasey


Enseo's MadeSafe is a complete employee safety solution that accurately locates employees in distress. Currently on its fourth generation, MadeSafe has been in the hands of hotel staff since 2015. With the tap of a button, MadeSafe immediately transmits the name and location of distressed employees to designated emergency response personnel.

MadeSafe® Employee Safety Solution